Brief bio – key qualifications

Göran Eklöf has worked with development assistance since 1987. His main areas of expertise are in environment and natural resource management, the roles of local and indigenous communities in development, and the work of civil society organisations in development cooperation.

Eklöf has more than five years experience of field work for Swedish and international NGOs in Asia, and has visited projects in about 20 other countries in Asia, Africa and Central America. As the first Swallows representative in India after a 5-year gap, he assessed all partner organisations, designed a new administrative framework for the Swallows’ monitoring and follow-up of projects, and advised the Swallows on their future engagement. As Oxfam’s national advisor for natural resources and the environment in Vietnam, he was responsible for coordinating national and local programs, recruiting and training local staff, liaising with representatives of local communities and government agencies and facilitating PRAs and participatory programme evaluation exercises.

As Director of the International Department of the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (SSNC) he coordinated the organisations’ development cooperation programs with CSO partners in the South and the East. A new strategy for SSNC’s development programs was elaborated, as well as of new criteria, guidelines and procedures for the identification of program partners, follow-up and reporting, and the coordination of campaigns and initiatives to be implemented jointly by SSNC and its global partners. He was responsible for commissioning and overseeing about ten project/program evaluations, and for coordination the dialogues and action plans that followed from them.

After joining Context – a group of development consultants and journalists – in 2003, he has been working as a consultant and writer on a broad range of development issues that include the environment, climate change, health, trade, aid/development effectiveness, and development finance.

Eklöf has conducted evaluations of several international, regional and national development and humanitarian assistance programs. He also served as an expert on an Inspection Panel, appointed by the Board of Directors of the Asian Development Bank to investigate complaints regarding violations against ADB safeguard policies in an irrigation project in Pakistan.

For a period of two years Eklöf served as CSO Advisor to the Aid Effectiveness Division of the DAC Secretariat (OECD-DCD-EFF) where he coordinated the international dialogue on civil society and aid effectiveness in the process leading up to the High Level Forum in Accra in 2008. He continued to engage with CSO platforms in the preparatory process for, and follow-up to, the HLF in Busan 2011.

He is currently employed as Senior advisor, People and Conservation, at WWF Sweden.